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Ami-Chan, the doll with artificial intelligence that accompa
Ami is designed to create her own personality, learn grandparents' names, and even remember their birthdays and the seasons of the year.

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Getting to First Base Using the Marketing Ball Strategy
How to make a good first impression and attract prospective clients the right way.

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Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot wit
During Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day, Elon Musk announced that in 2022 they will present the prototype of the humanoid robot Tesla Bot. Of course, netizens responded as they know best: with memes.

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Tesla Slammed on Twitter by Famous Musician: 'They Have Lied
Looks like Musk can take orders but might not be able to fully deliver.

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Why the Time Is Right for Businesses to Start Making the Mov
Metaverses open up entirely new business opportunities for generating revenues and exploring new avenues of promotion, brand imaging and customer retention.

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